Wednesday, 15 April 2009

-----------------Me with my Aunties

I went to Halifax Yorkshire over the Easter break and this pic is of me (I,m the redhair LOL)and my Auntie Barbara.The 2nd pic is of me my other Auntie and my brother,and the 5th is my Hubby.My Dearest Dad died 23rd October last year and my Mum wanted to visit his sisters and their siblings(my cousins)and visit places that her and my Dad went etc, we even saw the River that my dad nearly drowned in when he was 3yrs old.There were plenty of tears and memories to cherish.Dispite it being in dads memory we had a great time and the weather was gorgeous it only rained once,as here at home in Northamptonshire it was a washout.
Thanx for visiting my Blog I hope to get some crafting done tomorrow as i have the rest of the week off work Hoorah!!!!!
Trish (-:



Hi Trish a beautiful pic of yourself and your aunty so glad the weather kept fine for you and you had a lovely time and had some lovely cherised moments. luv Dianne xx

Unknown said...

hiya my blogging buddie..what lovely picis..glad you were able to be with your mum and family and im sure a few tears came...hope your mum is doing as well as she can..just keep sharing those precious sassyxxxxx

jacque4u2c said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing - what special memories you have here!

Unknown said...

Great pics you got there & that you got cherished moments & glad you had good weather for it.Denise x

kay said...

fab pics trish,glad you had chance to catch up with your family.